Visitor fees and membership dues help us maintain our equipment and pay for the gym rental. Your continued support helps keep our club an active part of the recreational activities in the Des Moines area. Please pay before you play!

Youth Fee (age 15 and under) - $2/visit when accompanied by annual or semi-annual member -OR- $3/visit when accompanied by visitor or non-player. 1st visit is free! Youth players must be accompanied by an adult.

Visitor Fee - $5/visit
Your first visit is free! After your first visit, you are required to pay $5 each time you play at our club or you may choose to become a member (see below). Either the visitor fee or your membership dues are required to help pay for the gym rental and to use our equipment and balls. Visitor fees should be paid upon arrival to Kevin Ripp or the club member handling fees for the night. Exact change is appreciated, but we can usually break $20 or smaller bills.

Membership - Dues $240/year or $160/half year
The nightly visitor fee is waived. Yearly savings of over $280 (annual) or $140 (semi-annual) compared to visitor fee!
You pay once or twice a year and you're done!
Receive “Member's Only” email messages about club news, time changes, meetings, tournaments and events.
After your membership expires, you may either renew for another year or renew for six months. If you do not renew, your status automatically reverts to 'Visitor'.

Membership Payments:
Make checks payable to 'Des Moines Table Tennis Club' and give to Kevin Ripp. Cash works too. Once you have Member Login credentials to the club web site, you will have PayPal as an additional future payment option.

Last Published: Sun Jan 7 11:47:17 CST 2018