Everyone is welcome at the Des Moines Table Tennis Club (DMTTC). We offer excitement for all ages and all levels of play. DMTTC is a great place to enjoy table tennis action, have fun and meet people.

Who - The club consists of a variety of players in every way. There are varying grips (shakehand, pen-hold, Seemiller), varying styles (offensive, defensive, all-around), varying years of play, varying status (rated, unrated), and the list goes on and on. The common thread is that we all enjoy the sport of table tennis.
Where - Four Mile Community Center - Free parking on the east side of building.  Use north building entrance.  See where we play...
When - Please check our calendar often to see the latest changes.
Cost - Your first visit is free. After that, either the visitor fee or membership dues are required.
Contacts - Kevin Ripp
Rules / Etiquette - We have a few simple common sense and common courtesy items to follow...

Tables - We usually set up 7-11 tables.  The tables do have to be set up prior to play and taken down afterwards. Table storage is adjacent to the play area.
Paddles - Please bring your own paddle. There is a very limited selection at the bottom of our net cart.
Balls - Normally, orange or white table tennis balls are provided. If you want to play with a specific ball brand or color, please bring your own table tennis balls.

Floor - Wood gym floor (basketball court).
Ceiling - We play on a basketball court, so the ceiling height is fantastic. Lob away if that's your style.
Lighting - The tables are set up on a basketball court with decent overhead lighting. There is a row of windows high up on the north wall which can impact the light level prior to sunset.
Changing Area - Restrooms are located off the main hallway.
Water Fountain - Located on the east side of the main hallway.
Lost and Found - Leave something behind? Check the net totes/bins the next time you play.

Last Published: Sun Jan 7 11:45:20 CST 2018