Rules / Etiquette

Club & Facility

  • Enter and exit the gym through the interior double doors (per Four Mile Community Center management)
  • Play at your own risk
  • Pay your visitor fee before you play or membership dues on time (Payments are handled by Kevin R.)
  • Dispose of your own trash
  • Do not sit on the tables
  • Do not walk into a player's court area while ball is in play
  • Place your paddle at the base of a table to reserve next match
  • Only one paddle per player in use at a time (either playing or waiting for next match - not both!)
  • Match winner stays at table unless they choose to leave table - in this case, match loser may stay at table
  • If you take a DMTTC ball home, please bring it back next time
  • When many players are waiting to play, please limit matches to 'best of 5' games
  • Unless drilling, please limit pre-match warmups to a few minutes per forehand and backhand (For perspective, rated tournament match warm-ups are limited to 2 minutes)
  • When drilling while all tables are in use and players are waiting, limit your drill time to 20 minutes. At least one drilling player should leave the table to allow waiting players the opportunity to get on a table.
  • If you have a question, ask
  • Have Fun!

The Sport of Table Tennis

Last Published: Thu Aug 1 0:26:11 CDT 2019