Rockwell Rec Center Tournament-08/17/2013

From Meng-Yu Wang / Rockwell Rec Center Table Tennis Coordinator:

Registration is now open for the Rockwell Rec Center Table Tennis Summer Tournament 2013! Details below.

Tournament Date: Saturday, August 17, 2013
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 11:59pm
Location: Rockwell Rec Center (Cedar Rapids, IA - If you are coming from 380, take exit 24. Go along Collins Rd NE, and turn left on Rockwell Dr NE, then take an immediate right into a parking lot. Go straight until you can't go straight anymore - literally - and then make a left to stay in the parking lot. Go straight and you should see the Rec Center on your left.)

Event #1 - Open/Championship (Entry Fee: $30)
- Prize: 1st/2nd/3rd/4th - $150/80/40/40 (1st-3rd will each receive a plaque as well)
- Format: Round Robin groups with ideally 4 players in each group - 2 players from each group advance to knock-out rounds. In knockout rounds, players will cross over groups and play, so they don't play the people who were in their respective groups. Players will be seeded according to either their USATT or Rockwell TT rating. Rockwell TT rating will take precedence if the player has both USATT and Rockwell ratings. For players who do not have an USATT or Rockwell TT rating, then they will be unseeded, and they will pick a random number out of a hat which will decide which group they are in. This way, there is no bias.

Event #2 - Division A/B (Entry Fee: $20)
- Prize: 1st/2nd/3rd for each Division (A and B) - Trophies.
- Format: Okay, this is more complicated, but it benefits everyone. There will be a round robin with both divisions, and the top two players move on to division A, whereas the bottom two players move on to division B. Then, the players will play another round robin within their respective divisions, and then the top two players from each division will proceed to their own knockout rounds. Players cross-over again to eliminate people playing each other more than once as much as possible. This format ideally guarantees 6 matches if each group has 4 players. It is possible however that some groups will have three players if we don't get a multiple of 4 for the number of players registered for this event.

New additions in this tournament: We will be renting tables to make sure that players get to play on quality tables. I noticed this was one of the problem last time. Also, the cash prize for the open division is a suggestion I heard from other people, and this will also be implemented. Also, this time I will not be lenient with any special requests. No one can sign up after the registration deadline, and I will not make any special accommodations for anyone as that is unfair for everyone. However, if you have a request, ask away still. Maybe I will approve if it is something I see as reasonable under the circumstances and is fair for everyone.

Event Times: 
Open/Championship - 9am
Division A/B Round Robin - 10:30am
Lunch Break - 12pm-1pm (If you are not playing)
Division A Round Robin/Knock Out - 1pm
Division B Round Robin/Knock Out - 2:30pm

If you register for both events, you will receive a $5 discount. If you are a rec-center member, you will receive another $5 discount.

Sign up here:

Please feel free to email me about any questions or concerns if you have any. I'd be more than happy to respond! Also, it would be much appreciated if all of you could spread the word to any of your peers if they might be interested. Without your participation, cooperation, and help, this event would not be possible. Thank you all!

- Special Thanks to Bill S, Iqbal, Leo, F, Mark D, and Wenlong Z, for comments and suggestions on improvements/format for this tournament. This is very much appreciated and will definitely remembered as a very kind gesture from all five of you!

Meng-Yu Wang / Rockwell Rec Center Table Tennis Coordinator
Phone: 319-263-4348
[email protected]

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