Equipment Status

Balls - Thanks to Justin D. and Kevin N. for donating balls recently for open play. There are also still enough orange Gambler balls in the storage room (donated by Scott Y.) to run multi-ball drills.

Nets - I recently sorted through all of our broken net parts and was able to mix and match pieces to come up with seven additional nets.
The spare nets are in the light blue tote in the storage room. There are 12 nets in the purple tote to be used for open play and tournaments.

Tables - I personally purchased a used table and donated it to DMTT. That gives us a total of 12 tables so when we run tournaments we don't have to borrow the table owned by Four Mile Community Center. NOTE: This table only accomodates some of the DHS nets because of the required spacing between the bracket and the round top of the clamp bolt. I labeled both the table and the specific net to use so it should be easy to pair the correct net with the table.

Robot (Fund) - Scott Y. started a robot fund with a $50 donation on May 14, 2015. Kevin N. added $100 to the fund on June 5, 2015. That puts the robot fund at $150. If you wish to donate, please see me. When we get closer to having the price of a robot in the fund, we'll discuss model/brand specifics.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Tom K.

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